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Griftah being evicted from the Lower City


Anyone who has spent any time tradeskilling in Shattrath has probably run across the Troll merchant, Griftah. Since Burning Crusade came out, Griftah has called a spot near the mana loom in Lower City his home. He has hawked many fun and dubious items like [Soap on a Rope] and [Infallible Tikbalang Ward]. (I must say, my banking alt has been blessedly Tikbalang free!) Griftah loved to talk to anyone and everyone who came anywhere near him and suggest various of his charms that he thought you should purchase -- for a price.

However, some people took Griftah seriously, and thought that the white items he was selling were indeed able to do special things like give you free Rezzes much like the old Darkmoon Faire Twisting Nether card would as opposed to reading the lines carefully. (like, how it would Resurrect you if you were already next to your corpse in ghost form.) This led to angry forum threads, and people who were screaming about being grifted by Griftah because, surprise -- the white items didn't actually do anything mystical...

Enter Peacekeeper Jadaar, who has remained by Griftah's side for some time now, to ensure that Griftah wasn't hoodwinking anyone into buying items of dubious magical value. This lovely little pairing means that now as opposed to just getting Griftah's normal hawking, you get to watch Jadaar question his every move, with some semi-comical results:

Flash forward to now on the PTRs -- Grfitah has been evicted from the Lower City. Instead of being there to greet you when you pop down and get your tradeskill items, you will have to search him out to purchase one of his two new off-hands. (Who wouldn't want a [Fine Poking Stick]?) But as PTR changes aren't set in stone, a cry has been raised to Save Griftah from several people over on the General Forums. Many people want him back in Lower City. I have to admit, I'm with the camp that wants to see the now-betrayed Griftah in Zul'Aman somewhere, possibly as a rep vendor -- or maybe plotting his eventual revenge on Peacekeeper Jadaar.

Although I don't know what I'd do for Tikbalang protection if that happened...

[Via Acariquara & the WoW LJ community]

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