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iUI: iPhone web "app" development bundle

Mat Lu

With the proliferation of iPhone web "apps" the need has arisen for tools to help build these optimized sites. Fortunately, one of the first such tools has been formally released. Joe Hewett's iUI is a "little JavaScript and CSS bundle... that makes developing iPhone web apps easy." Joe wanted "to turn ordinary standards-based HTML into a polished, usable interface that meets the high standards set by Apple's own native iPhone apps." So with iUI it's easy to get fluid animations, etc. without having to write your own JavaScript.

Apparently the iPhone native Digg interface we recently mentioned was built with an earlier version of iUI. So if you want to put together an iPhone web "app" with some polish, iUI will give you a nice head start (be sure also to check out Joe's introduction).

[via Digg]

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