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Kingston intros pair of capacious DataTraveler USB drives

Darren Murph

Those searching for a few more options and a tad more space in Kingston's ever-expanding DataTraveler lineup have struck gold, as the firm has just now unveiled a pair of miniscule USB drives that peak at 8GB of built-in storage. The DataTraveler II Plus (shown after the jump) arrives in a single 8GB flavor ($154) and comes bundled with Migo's data synchronization software, which enables the suits to have password-protected access to up-to-date Outlook folders and quarterly reports. On the flip side, the DataTraveler 100 touts that oh-so-admirable retractable action, meaning that the connector can creep out or take cover with just the flick of your thumb. Additionally, this USB 2.0 device is available in 1GB ($19), 2GB ($32), 4GB ($59), and 8GB ($116) sizes, plays nice with Windows, Linux, and OS X, and just like its aforementioned sibling, boasts a five-year warranty.

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