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Reimagined Sixaxis pictured on Force Unleashed site [update]


An off-axis Sixaxis has been spotted on the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Yahoo Games page, adding a new set piece to the tired rumor that the PlayStation 3 controller is up for a redesign, which may or may not include rumble support. As pictured, a revision could possibly follow the offset analogue stick alignment currently used by Microsoft for Xbox 360 gamepads (and also by Nintendo for Gamecube). Of course, this crude Photoshop job is hardly confirmation of that design choice, as clearly the creator has simply swapped the d-pad and left stick (notice the indented d-pad outline behind the repositioned analogue control). Did the page-maker pull from a shoddy Google Images source or what?

Update: Remember Charlie Tang's redesign from our January 2006 contest...?

Update 2: Sony PR director Dave Karraker calls it a "bad artist rendering" that's in the process of being corrected. [Via GameDaily]

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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