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Sony's new PSP gets a proper shakedown for new features


We're sure by now you know the basics, like faster load times and that slimmer shell, but hackers will be hackers, and a certain 0okm has unearthed a few more tidbits of info from the new PSP's user manual that's conveniently hosted by the FCC.
  • The new PSP features is based on a TA-085 PCB, which doesn't mean a lot to us, but gets those homebrew folks looking in the right direction.
  • RAM has been doubled from 32MB to 64MB.
  • You can charge the PSP over USB.
  • There's a 1200mAh battery, rated at 3-6 hours, compared to the original PSP's 1800mAh battery with the same rating.
  • You can't use an original PSP remote with the new PSP.
  • The component AV cable is sold separately. Don't look so shocked (link)
  • There's a WLAN switch on top.
[Thanks, Vic F]

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