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Breakfast Topic: Items that make you go "what?"


In all my time in Azeroth, I've seen some pretty strange things. The above "Priest's" mace that has a bonus to Nature damage was pointed out by Obron from the ICftB guild. (And we all had a pretty good laugh about it.) Some -- like the above item -- happen to have truly unfortunate item names, while the item itself still isn't that bad. Other items like the Triumphant Shield of Shadow Wrath and several other shields with random enchants that have the option of adding shadow damage struck me as just really poor planning. After all, what Class really needs a shield with a bonus to shadow damage? Worse still, the drop percentages of the +shadow damage versions are often better than the +shadow resist ones...

Have you found any items with random enchants that made you stop and say "what?" Or how about items with oddball names that really don't fit the stats, or the point of the weapon? Somewhat related, how about weapons with graphics that just make you stop and stare wondering where the design for that came from!? (My current favorite for weird graphics is definitely the Squid on a Stick.)

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