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Joystiq impressions: High Velocity Bowling (PSN)


We can't say we're too excited for High Velocity Bowling, an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation Network. While holding the Sixaxis controller like a bowling ball is a novel idea, it doesn't translate the sport very well, unlike Wii Sports. The game's biggest flaw comes in the way it approaches spin: instead of analyzing the actual motion of a player's swing, the shoulder buttons must be pressed while launching the ball. In doing so, the game neither provides the full motion freedom of Wii Sports, nor does it provide arcade-styled precision of traditional button-based bowling games.

While we're glad Sony is trying a wide variety of games for its downloadable service, we can't help but feel that High Velocity Bowling hurts the platform more than anything else: it encourages active comparison to Wii Sports, and doesn't offer a compelling control mechanism. Instead of paying for High Velocity Bowling, might we recommend Home, which includes its own bowling game, instead?

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