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Joystiq impressions: PixelJunk Racers (PSN)


There's a great simplicity to be admired in PixelJunk Racers, an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation Network. The game offers traditional top-down 2D racing with a variety of gameplay modes. We could see at least two dozen modes to choose from, each with their own goals to achieve.

For example, in one mode, players raced around the circular track. We had to navigate around cars that were scattered around the track in order to gain momentum. With enough speed, the car would turn into a fireball, destroying any cars that had the mishap to be in our way. The goal of the game is to destroy as many cars as possible within the time limit.

Another mode took the same concept, but reversed the roles involved. Instead of turning into a fireball, the computer-controlled NPC cars on the track were able to turn into deadly missiles. While the previous mode was all about destruction, this was about survival. We had a great time trying to navigate around cars that were in our way, as flaming fireballs tracked us down, trying to destroy us. Each player must try to survive as long as possible -- a feat that becomes quite difficult at the speeds the game ran at.

PixelJunk Racers looks to be yet another great addition to the PlayStation Network. What it lacks in depth and presentation it makes up for through sheer fun. The simplistic nature of the game may not appeal to the hardcore, but so long as PixelJunk Racers is priced right, it might be worth a look.

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