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Rumorong: 40GB PlayStation 3 at $399


And here we were worried Sony was going to officially cause us to have a good relationship with our neighborhood bartender and liquor store attendant if they kept this rollercoaster going. A piece of random chatting printed in the loose talk section of the last issue of Game Informer hinted that Sony might release or announce a 40GB version of the PS3 at a delicious $399 price. However, it was just speculation, nothing more. That piece of idle chat made a second pass as a rumor this week stating that once the "clearance sale" is over, Sony would announce the new model. We checked with Game Informer and they explained, "That was one of our pre-E3 rumors that we ran in the loose talk section of the last issue. It turns out that talk was not only loose, it was wrong."

But while we're clearly and emphatically speculating, if there ever is a "low-end" 40GB $399 system with all the specs of the 60GB model (minus the full backwards compatibility, but hopefully with the new rumored Sixaxis), who cares about that extra 20GB of hard drive space? David Reeves sure doesn't.

[Via PS3Fanboy]

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