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Share your 360 Laws

Dustin Burg

Over on TriXie's blog she chatted with community member DeaconBlade 360 about Xbox member conduct and rules for which Xbox owners should obey called "360 Laws". These "laws" are pretty much social rules when it comes to gaming on the 360 and are a perfect study guide for new gamers. Anyway, DeaconBlade came up with the original seven laws including such favorites as "never share your hard drive with a friend's console for more than a day" and "carrying an Xbox 360 backpack is not cool". These original seven rules then spawned a few community inspired 360 Laws like "the Xbox Live Vision camera is not a dating tool", "never play on a friend's profile unless invited" and "never abuse the Guide button mid-game". These are all laws we can agree with, which got us thinking ...

What are a few 360 Laws that you play by, laws that you enforce or laws that you think should be followed? Let's add to the community inspired law fun by sharing our favorites with eachother. So, go ahead and share with your fellow fanboys your 360 Laws, we'll start: X3F 360 Law: "Clean that controller! Nobody likes using a controller that is caked with Cheeto cheese, sticky substances and dried hand grease."

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