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Tretton wishes Moore 'best of luck' at EA


Sony moved with the quickness to say they're cool with Microsoft's Xbox poster boy Peter Moore going to EA. CEO of SCEA Jack Tretton says, "We wish Peter the best of luck in his new role at Electronic Arts and look forward to working with him. We have an outstanding relationship with EA and their sports products have been incredibly successful on all our platforms. I am sure this will continue with Peter now at the helm."

What an interesting situation when Moore and Tretton play the next Madden for the first time. Wonder if they'll quibble about which system it plays better on? Well, business is business and Moore has a new master now, so everything will be peachy keen. At least now Tretton and Moore can have cocktails and hang out without everyone wondering the moment they'll go all Dynasty cat fight (the clip is even in German which makes it 20x more delicious).

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