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A wonderfully cheap alternative to a special edition DS


Envious of the special edition It's a Wonderful World DS Lite? We were too. But now everyone who buys it, we tell ourselves, is a sucker, because Hori is releasing a Wonderful World DS Lite accessory pack for only 1,449 yen ($11.89), which actually looks better than the real thing.

The accessory kit includes a clear Protect Case with Wonderful World art and what may be the English logo-- we can definitely make out "Wonderful World" in that scribble. It also includes a black extending stylus with a skull logo and "TIME LIMIT within 7 DAYS" printed in red on the body. While we quite like the appearance of the case, we have to wonder why both special-edition Wonderful World designs (this Protect Case and the special-edition DS Lite) are so monochrome, when the game is characterized by explosive, vivid color.

We have yet to find a retailer selling this package, but when we do, it'll be, you know ... oh, there's a word for something that is really great. We wonder what it is ... It's got a w in it somewhere. Oh, yeah-- awesome.

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