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iPhone Dev Wiki team gets closer to unlocking


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Well, the team over at the iPhone Dev Wiki is claiming to have made some inroads into unlocking the mysteries of the iPhone. While a complete unlocking solution isn't yet available, they updated the Wiki this morning to let us all know that by using iASign -- a bit of software they have created -- the phone can purportedly be made to work with prepaid Cingular, AT&T, and AT&T's MVNO's SIM cards. Where's the beauty you ask? Well, this lets you pick up an iPhone sans contract, slap in your current SIM, and enjoy. We're really feelin the love they are tossing about freely, and are looking forward to the full unlocking solution that they reportedly will not be giving up on any time soon. At the request of the iPhone Dev Wiki team, we aren't including the link. Google is your friend.

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