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It's official: Chris Redfield locked, loaded for Resident Evil 5

Nick Doerr

It's not like we're surprised. Anyone even remotely familiar with the Resident Evil franchise could have picked Chris Redfield's dashing looks from afar, but it's still nice to get confirmation from Jun Takeuchi, the game's producer. But Chris isn't working for the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad this time. He's working for BSAA -- we can't even think of a good phrase to match that one. We can't blame him, he's been out of work for 10 years, apparently. Ever since the end of the Mansion Incident.

Jun tempts us with questions, asking us what happened to Chris over the last ten years, if he's fighting for good or evil, what kind of creatures is he up against? We don't know, Jun! We honestly don't know! He was sparse in mentioning game details, but he assures us there are some gameplay mechanics in the works he can't talk about yet. Light and darkness will play a major role -- if you enter a dark room from outside, it'll take a little while to adjust and vice-versa. C'mon, Chris, wear an eyepatch. That's what they're for, after all.

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