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New XBLM content offers Transformers and more

Dustin Burg

The past few days' new Marketplace content has brought a few gamer pictures, themes, videos and other downloadable treasures, but be warned that most will cost you. Transformers is all the rage right now and so you can download a handful of Transformers themes for 150 Microsoft points apiece and two picture packs that run you 200 Microsoft points. Also, there's a new Carcassonne picture pack, Class Pics 110 picture pack, Ninja picture pack and a free Volkswagen gamer pic (where did that come from?) for Canadian Xbox Live members. And if themes/gamer pictures aren't your cup of tea then download the Fable 2 demo video featuring Peter Molyneux or spend your cash on some Marvel: Ultimate Alliance strategy guides. Complete list of Monday and Tuesday's new Marketplace content posted after the break.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

July 16th/17th XBLM Content
Themes/Gamer Pictures
Autobots Game Art Theme (150)
Carcassonne Picture Pack #1 (80)
Corbis Ninja Picture Pack (80)
Decepticons Game Art Theme (150)
Nick Busby Class Pics 110 (80)
Team DZN Sparta Picture Pack (95)
Transformers G1 Decepticons Theme (150)
Transformers G1 Autobots Theme (150)
Transformers Gen 1 Picture Pack (200)
Transformers: The Game Picture Pack (200)
Volkswagen Gamer Pic (Free, Canada Only)

Fable 2 demo with Peter Molyneux Video (HD)
Transformers "Deception" Trailer (HD)

Strategy Guides
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Cyclops Strategy (80)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Dr. Doom Strategy (80)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Hawkeye Strategy (80)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance The Hulk Strategy (80)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Magneto Strategy (80)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Nightcrawler Strategy (80)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Sabretooth Strategy (80)

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