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Sony strengthening its own CMOS manufacturing operations

Darren Murph

It looks like the previously low-lying race to cram CMOS sensors into a broader lineup of digital cameras just got a bit more noticeable, as Sony is tooting its own horn by announcing a ¥60 billion ($490.4 million) investment to "strengthen its CMOS sensor manufacturing operations." More specifically, the firm is hoping to "provide growth markets such as mobile phones and digital still cameras with CMOS sensors," and judging by all the work that has gone on of late in these very areas, we'd say something major could be on the horizon. Interestingly, DPReview noted that this very information has been quietly residing on Sony's webpage for some time, but we can only assume that Canon's recent announcement persuaded Sony to bring it to the forefront. Ah, semiconductor manufacturers battling it out -- now that's entertainment.

[Thanks, Will]

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