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Tanizawa's U-met first responder helmets belong on the Deathstar

Nilay Patel

We can't imagine the day when it'l actually be cool to wear a helmetcam, but at least now looking like a total dork can serve a noble purpose. The U-met, by Japanese safety equipment manufacturer Tanizawa, is designed to assist first responders to accidents and emergencies in coordinating their efforts and documenting the scene. One variation of the helmet uses a QVGA camera, GPS tracker, and FOMA cell radio to transmit images and location data from emergency workers to a central station every 30 seconds, while the other uses a series of motors to vibrate your noggin when it senses potential dangers. The prototype U-met weighs in at a hefty 2 pounds right now, but Tanizawa says it'll get down to about a half-pound for mass-production -- hopefully they'll do something about those stormtrooper trainee looks, too.

[Via Slashphone]

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