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Upcoming DS game lets you re-draw Daffy Duck, drive him insane


Games based on Looney Tunes characters have been few, far-between, and mostly forgettable. Shown at E3 last week, Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck for the DS might just change that. The game is based on the classic cartoon in which an animator constantly redraws Daffy just to piss him off. Duck Amuck follows the same format and charges you with the task of driving Daffy insane in a series of mini-games. Daffy even gets upset if you close the DS, initiating a game where you must tap the L or R buttons following Daffy's voice. Developer WayForward, the same studio behind Contra 4, had to get special permission from Nintendo to implement that feature.

Duck Amuck is scheduled for release this holiday season, and early impressions have been extremely positive.

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