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Flip through Wing Commander Arena manual

Dustin Burg

Video game manuals are cool and full color manuals are even cooler. But the coolest of all manuals are the ones that read like magazines and are over 60 pages of informative bliss. And you should know that upcoming XBLA game Wing Commander Arena is one of those games that features a "coolest of all" manual. Don't believe us? Well, we have proof, because publisher EA decided to post the game's manual for everyone to download (PDF) and enjoy. And after reading through this huge game manual (which not only features your standard control layout and typical game information, but also backstory, advertisements based on the game and other interesting tidbits) you'll agree that it's a bit much ... but in a good way. Go ahead and give it a flip through.

Also, we want to dangle a metaphorical carrot in front of your face by saying that we have some exciting news surround Wing Commander Arena in the weeks to come. It's a small surprise, but a surprise that is exciting nonetheless. Anyway, that's all we are saying, so stay tuned.

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