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Limited edition blood-covered DS Lite

Eric Caoili

The dried blood on the Polar White DS Lite above is from a car accident last week in which the driver of an ambulance lost control and hit a mid-size SUV at 60 MPH. Its warning lights were not flashing at the time. The impact caused the SUV to flip over four times before landing upside down; the ambulance was also thrown over the parkway shoulder. Thankfully, everyone survived the collision with only a few injuries.

Isfet, one of the SUV's passengers and the owner of the DS Lite, happened to be playing Etrian Odyssey when the accident occurred. We knew that the dungeon crawler was pretty punishing, but we weren't aware that its difficulty was so severe that you can almost die while playing it. Despite the tumbling the handheld went through, it still works! Isfet is a bit worried, though, that it might start to smell if he doesn't clean it off soon. He's not sure if the blood was from his head or the piece of glass that stabbed his arm.

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