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Rumor: Mario Party DS may be online after all


Mario Party DS may have been one of the more exciting DS-related news items to come out of E3, except it was missing one very useful addition: Wi-Fi multiplayer. Wireless multi-card play was included, which is all well and fine, but a soft, sad sigh rippled through us as we realized we couldn't throw down over the internets, Mario Party-style.

But wait! Not all hope is lost, it seems. An image has turned up from Nintendo's 2007 catalogue that includes a Wi-Fi logo on the Mario Party DS page. But just what that tiny Wi-Fi logo means, we don't know. It could be Mario Mail rather than anything actually useful. It could even be a misprint for all we know -- but it gives us a tiny shred of hope for the future.

[Via GoNintendo]


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