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Bizarre: PGR4 not out "'til it's done."


Microsoft says Project Gotham Racing 4 will be available in September. We're sure Bizarre Creations -- makers of PGR4 -- don't want to make liars out of Microsoft. That said, Bizarre's business director, Brian Woodhouse, admits they may have to do just that. In a recent press briefing during E3, Woodhouse told Eurogamer that PGR4 would not be rushed (something he admits happened to PGR3). "This one," said Woodhouse, "we're not letting go 'til it's done." Woodhouse's comments were directed towards the rather unbalanced difficulty of PGR3. We can tell you from firsthand experience, the game looks amazing. If Bizarre needs a little time to make it perfect, we say let 'em have it.

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