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Breakfast Topic: Karma comes around

Mike Schramm

Elizabeth talked about karma in that fun little guild drama story last week, but karma is even better when it comes not from other players, but from the game itself. Case in point: the_pr0letariat on WoW LJ got laughed at by a Hordie while almost dying to a Hellfire boar, so it made things doubly sweet when a Fel Reaver stomped by a few minutes later and sent the Horde on a corpse run.

Likewise, I was almost ganked a long while back while grinding on my rogue in front of Blackrock Mountain-- a gnome rogue tried to take me out while I was fighting with a Lava Spider, but I'd recently pickpocketed a few potions, so I kept the fight going for a little while, long enough to swing the gnome around near the Dark Iron mobs there. Just as he was about to finish me off, three Dark Iron mobs latched onto him, I vanished, and I got to /laugh at him as they beat him down.

Have you seen karma come around in the game? Or maybe it's come around on you...

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