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Caption This contest winners!


Miss last week's Caption This contest? Well, even if you missed out on entering, you can still enjoy reading through our winning entries. In first place, with 571 votes, was Lustig, who submitted the following caption:

Hmmm... why does my display say that I'm still in combat?

However, I'm afraid Lustig wasn't eligible to take home a prize, so he's just leaving our contest with the pride of winning. In second place, we have Angus, with 215 votes, who is taking home a 60-day gamecard due to his entry:

Just run through them, they said. No problem, they said. You're a big bad level 70, they said. Pull the entire instance to the front door and we'll AOE grind them all, they said... Cheap blues for enchanting mats, they said. We need to go, they said...

And in third place, we have Trevin, with 211 votes, who is going to be getting a quest-giver hat from J!NX after entering this caption:

Indiana Jones 5: The Temple of Zul'Farrak

Didn't have a chance to enter? Check in with us next Monday for another edition of our Caption This contest!

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