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DS Daily: Masochism


We like m-words around here! First we discussed a little machismo, and now we're moving onto masochism. Some days, we even like to discuss the ol' medulla oblongata! That's somewhere near your prefrontal cortex, by the way. But we're talking about masochism today -- that is, the things we do to punish ourselves in the name of fun ... like erasing your files on Clubhouse Games on purpose just for the fun (horror?!) of replaying Stamp Mode all over again. How about no-sword Zelda runs? We can't imagine why anyone would do that, but apparently, it happens. We'd also like to nominate playing the old game Deadly Towers at any time, for any reason. You obviously hate yourself if you do that (but don't worry, we did it, too).

So what have you done just for the hell of it, to make a beloved game even harder than usual? We love a good challenge, and we want to hear about yours.

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