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PSP-2000 in Europe before Japan


The PSP-2000, argh, PSP Lite will arrive in Europe before launching in Japan ... and yes, we're as shocked as you. Our Sony über-love of perfect quotations David Reeves says the PSP Lite will release in Europe early September at a €169 price, phasing out the old system. The system is not expected in Japan until September 20, sweet Mary Queen of Scot is Europe getting something early?

Well, this is where things get a little tricky. Yes, Europe will get it early, but there's also a marketing maneuver being used in Japan in regards to the PSP Lite. Turns out the Crisis Core edition of the PSP will release in Japan on Sept. 13, a week before the the official PSP Lite does. The special edition unit will only have 77,777 made. But, now we're just getting picky, let's enjoy the moment for Europe. Yay for Europe, for once you don't have to wait months after everyone else.

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