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Rumor: firmware 1.90 features customized soundtracks?

Nick Doerr

We're sure there's a more glorified term for the feature other than "customized soundtracks" but we don't feel like using any lavish vocabulary right now. This is coming from a picture supposedly taken at E3, pardon our resizing policy and click the link to see the original, where the PS3's where supposedly running a very different version of the firmware we've currently got. The difference? For starters, the "Select Music" option. It seems all those people crying to stick their own music into a game might get that chance, even if it's just a looping playlist of whatever they want.

Second, the "Adjust Screen Settings" doesn't ring any bells. Could there be resolution-switching on-the-go now, instead of exiting the game back to the XMB? What happened to the assigning of memory card slots? Perhaps these features are specific to what era of PlayStation game you play? As in, slot assignments appear only if a PS One or PS2 game are present?

This is all conjecture, of course, since the picture hasn't been proven real. Some people do have a lot of time on their hands and really enjoy Photoshop, but to mock a picture of bright, blurry text? It's a tough call, since it has been a while for a firmware update. What do you guys think? Is this for real or for bogus?

[Thanks, SpiderMikey!]

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