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Silicon Knights gets sue happy with Epic

Dustin Burg

Too Human developer Silicon Knights is not happy with Epic Games or their Unreal Engine 3 and when they get angry, they like to sue. Silicon Knights recently filed a lawsuit in a North Carolina district court stating that Epic Games breached their contract by not supplying final engine code for the Xbox 360 and claims that Epic used licensee fees to promote its own games while sabotaging their licensee's projects. According to Silicon Knights, Epic was supposed to supply the final Xbox 360 code for the Unreal Engine 3 six months after the launch of the console (around March 2006), but failed to and only got the code to them in November 2006 with no guidance on how to implement the new code. Epic flat out denies such wrong doings and vows to fight the lawsuit. We ask, can't we all just get along?

[Via XboxNowOnline]

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