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Today's repressed memories video: The Simpsons (NES)

Jared Rea

The Angry Video Game Nerd does his best to undo years of therapy as he takes on two monsters of the NES era: Bart vs the Space Mutants and Bart vs the World. Being a man of truth and profanity, believe the words of the Nerd as he illustrates the sheer awfulness of these two games.

We can faintly recall a 1991 Summer. There was a birthday party and someone was opening their presents. Layers of colorful paper and cake later and two NES games had been uncovered. The first of which resonates warmth and pleasantness ... it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game. The other ...

You know what? This blog is over. Get out of here and take your filthy, not safe for work video with you!

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