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MicroU2E USB 2.0-to-ExpressCard adapter hearts OS X

Darren Murph

The ole ExpressCard seems to be the apple of many adapter manufacturers' eyes, as here we have yet another way to integrated an ExpressCard into a machine that wasn't originally made to play nice with 'em. Of course, we've already seen other methods of getting your ExpressCard to function via USB, but the MicroU2E iteration is a simple, small, one-piece device that works solely with USB-based cards (read: not PCIe flavors) and provides all the power it should need for that HSDPA / HSUPA card to function as advertised. Not a bad piece to keep in your arsenal for $38 -- and fret not, as it gets along just fine with Vista and OS X, too.

[Via MacNN, thanks Eric]

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