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Eidos and Double Fusion enter in-game ad deal


In-game advertisements continue to walk a fine line between enhancing the believability of a game world (billboards in a modern city) and utterly destroying any semblance of it (billboards in a medieval city). Advertising firm Double Fusion has announced that it will be treading that line with Tomb Raider and Hitman publisher, Eidos Interactive, for the next three years in a newly established agreement. Gamasutra reports that the deal will cover ten "key" titles currently in development with the publisher, though no games have been specified.

While advertisements worming their way into future Eidos titles should be as unobtrusive and fitting to the game's environment as possible, we rather like the idea of strangling Agent 47's prey while donning an elaborate Burger King disguise. It represents a fun gameplay mechanic and a cautionary tale about healthy eating!

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