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Nintendo's Harrison: Microsoft rushed Xbox 360 and Sony had to price drop PS3


GameDaily finished transcribing their interview with Nintendo's VP of marketing and corporate communications George Harrison. A quick tidbit from the interview released last week gave us the info that the Game Boy name is probably dead. The full interview sheds little new light on stuff like Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan saying Wii revisions aren't out of the question and whether or not Harrison, Kaplan and other executives are staying with the company following the move -- the answer to that is a big ol' no comment. Harrison did talk Sony and Microsoft though.

Harrison says in terms of the Sony price drop, "I don't think they had any choice." He then makes the error of saying that "it's pretty soon after launch to be dropping your price." That was a nice try by Harrison to pull a fast one and make us forget that Nintendo knows quite well how to drop console prices to save themselves. Case in point, the Gamecube dropped its price almost 60 days earlier into its life cycle than the PS3 did. Although he gets back on point saying Sony is continuing to confuse consumers with two versions of the PS3. We wonder why Sony can't just learn from their PSP Lite and simply replace the old with the new.

As for Microsoft, Harrison says they were so busy trying to rush the Xbox 360 to market and beat PlayStation, while "discounting" Nintendo, that it "set them up for the hardware problems that they're having now." He says Microsoft confessed because they couldn't hide the issue any longer, "It's a stunning admission; it's more than a billion dollars." Harrison says Microsoft didn't have a choice on their admission, it just became too much. So, Sony admitted they needed to drop the price, Microsoft admitted their RROD problems ... now, what does Nintendo have to confess?

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