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OLPC XO may be on sale by Christmas for $350

Nilay Patel

Hot on the heels of the news that the OLPC XO has begun mass production, OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen has told Reuters that the foundation is planning on selling the sorta-costs $100 laptop to consumers by Christmas for...$350. Or $525. Or maybe not at all. The foundation is looking for ways to subsidize manufacturing so it can ship more of the green-eared machines to developing countries, and it's hoping that consumer sales will help foot the bill -- although NickNeg and Co. haven't decided at what price the plan is feasible and won't announce a decision for another month. One thing is certain, however: releasing these things to consumers will definitely not solve that itty-bitty porn problem.

[Via OLPC News]

[Thanks, Wayan]

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