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Sony wants to make you cry

Colin Torretta

In a recent interview with ThreeSpeech, Sony Euro boss David Reeves mentioned that there are at least half a dozen secret titles under development at Sony that will come out by the end of 2008 and are 'absolutely spectacular.'

He goes on to explain that one of the main objectives that Phil Harrison has as the head of software development at Sony is to develop games with the emotional depth and complexity that they'll make us cry (and not in the Gundum: Crossfire kind of way).

Many games have tried to brag about their emotional impact, but few have managed to really tug on the ol' heart strings. RPGs like Fallout 2, Final Fantasy VII, and Okami have been able to squeeze emotional responses out of us -- but it's hard to think of a non-RPG that has succeeded at that. Have any non-RPG has been able to make you tear up a bit?

[Via CVG]

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