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ASUS prepped to "Turbo Charge" Santa Rosa laptop lineup


There's an official news release on ASUS' website which has yet to be, well, released. Some URL trickery, however, tells us that they've got a whole slew of new "Turbocharged" Santa Rosa laptops coming in August. The nitrous boost comes from the combo of Windows Vista and Intel's Robson (AKA, Turbo Memory) which offloads application read/writes to NAND-based system cache instead of the hard disk. Right, the same optional Centrino Duo tech we've already seen in some ThinkPads and Acers. The 8 new widescreen models are divvied up into 14-inch, 15.4-inch (including the VX2S-A1B/A2B (Black) & VX2S-A1Y/A2Y (Yellow) Lamborghinis), and 17-inch models. The latter includes an updated G2S gaming rig. Watch for the press release any day now.

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