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Elgato's EyeTV software gets HDHomeRun support

Ben Drawbaugh

We just love when two great products come together; and now the best HDTV software for the Mac and our favorite HD network enabled tuner work together. As much as we loved the HDHomeRun when we reviewed it, the lack of software support was a real drag and while Linux, XP and Vista all have great support now, Mac fans were left with a few decent home grown applications that weren't that feature rich. But now you can install EyeTV on any Mac on your network, connect the HDHomeRun in your closet or behind your TV and enjoy clear-QAM or ATSC HD; and because it uses UDP, it even works great over an 802.11G network. You can pick up the bundle from for $199, or if you already have an HDHomeRun, the EyeTV software is available for download in single and multiple licenses.

[Via MacMinute]

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