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i-Sing MP3 microphone replaces vocals with your own

Darren Murph

Looking for that perfect Christmas in July gift for your favorite kiddo? The exorbitantly-named "It's Outrageous!" company has dolled out just the thing with its laughable, albeit well-featured i-Sing microphone. This device may sport all of the tell-tale signs of a good toy gone bad, but this karaoke enabler actually plays back MP3s and digitally removes the vocalist in order for you, er, your child to belt out the lyrics without being forced to out-sing the professional. Additionally, users can insert lyrics via the built-in software so they can read them back on the integrated LCD, and while you won't stuff too many jams onto 512MB of internal storage, parents can shove in an SD card for extra space if necessary. Hey, for $120, this seems to be a no brainer for your little diva. Check the video after the break.

[Via PlayerBites]

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