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James Cameron selects Ubisoft to adapt Avatar [update]

Ross Miller

Filmmaker James Cameron has chosen Ubisoft to handle the video game portion of his next project Avatar (formerly Project 880) that will be released alongside the feature film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The project will be based around the movie's story about a former Marine, played by Sam Worthington, "who persists in an alien world as an avatar, a human mind in an alien body." Peter Jackson's WETA digital is helping with the film's visuals, which will reportedly also serve to aid in development of the game. We'd love to see how the game's visuals compare to the film.

Avatar is being planned for a May 2009 release, giving Ubisoft just under two years to transform the MMO-like story into a game (which likely won't be a proper MMO).

[Update: Clarified the MMO aspect of the film.]

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