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Let's win it! Wing Commander Arena tourney

Dustin Burg

We promised you a Wing Commander Arena surprise this week and we're ready to reveal all. Next Monday Xbox 360 Fanboy will be going head to head with fifteen other Xbox community websites in an EA sponsored Wing Commander Arena Tournament to not only find out which blog has the best WCA skills, but to also win prizes galore. That's right, EA will be rewarding the top four community websites with prizes to share with their readers. What prizes you ask? Well, the blog that places first in the tournament will receive a 50" 1080p television, a Bose 3-2-1 surround sound system, an Xbox 360 Elite and a boatload of Microsoft points. And like we said, any prizes we win we'll be giving away to you guys right here on X3F. Sweet deal isn't it?

I, Dustin, will be representing X3F in the tourney in hopes of doing us proud, winning some prizes for you guys, and pwning the other community sites. Tomorrow, when WCA releases, I'll be downloading the game and getting as much practice in before next Monday's tournament rolls around. So, if you're purchasing WCA and are willing to help me train or have some strategies to share then be sure to hit me up on Xbox Live. Any nuggets of knowledge will help. We're in this together guys, because my success will only benefit you with the possibility of winning some rockin' prizes.

A list of all sixteen Xbox community websites (evil competitors) that'll be participating in the tournament is listed after the break as well as what prizes can be won. Monday, July 30th is when the tournament goes down ... let's win this X3F!

WCA Tournament Competitors
- EA Arcade
- Kotaku
- Game Informer
- Xbox 360 Fanboy
- Planet Xbox 360
- Gamertag Radio
- Unscripted 360
- Konsole Kingz
- Uncle Gamer
- Xbox 360 Achievements
- Gamer's Hell
- Firing Squad

WCA Tournament Prizes
1st Place:
- Panasonic 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV
- Bose 3-2-1 GSX Home Theater System
- Xbox 360 Elite
- Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
- Xbox Live Gold Membership
- Wing Commander Arena
- 11,200 Microsoft points

2nd-4th Place:
- Xbox 360 Elite
- Wing Commander Arena
- 11,200 Microsoft points

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