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Marsh: The cutest game you'll ever import

Eric Caoili

Maya, 25 years old and a short-haired brunette, works as a waitress at a coffee shop. Single, she lives alone in her apartment, or at least, she used to live alone in her apartment before an adorable, English-eating creature came to stay with her -- that's English words, not English people. Maya named her new roommate Marsh, taking inspiration from its marshmallow color and fluffy consistency.

Eigo wo Taberu Fushigi na Ikimono Marsh (Mysterious English-Eating Animal Marsh) plays like a cross between a virtual pet simulator and an educational game meant to strengthen English language skills. Using a series of menus to string words together, you can help Maya find out how Marsh is feeling, ask if Marsh wants to help clean the room, or enjoy other interactions with the mallowy critter.

Should you decide to import the title when it arrives in Japan this September 27th, you won't have to worry much about any language barriers, as Maya insists on communicating with Marsh in English. We're in love with the artwork we've seen so far for the game, so much so that we're willing to overlook that almost everything seems to have been ported from Microvision's cell phone game. Check past the post break for a three-minute trailer. Doesn't your heart just melt when you see Marsh playing with the toy airplane?

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