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MoH: Airborne to offer very non-linear gameplay

Dustin Burg

In an interview with, Medal of Honor: Airborne executive producer Patrick Gilmore talks about Airborne's innovation and what makes it different than all the other WWII games on the market. The biggest difference between Airborne and its predecessors is that players begin levels in the air and can parachute down anywhere in the battle. This creates very non-linear gameplay as any angle, objective or tactic can be accomplished any way the player chooses. Gilmore also talks up the game's weapon upgrades and artificial intelligence dubbed "Affordance A.I." which was created to accommodate such non-linear player involvement and acts realistically to attacking and defending from every angle. All of this "innovation" sounds very satisfying and different, but we'll have to check out all the parachuting fun in August before we can label MoH: Airborne teh greatness.

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