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MTV True Life: A WoW players casting call

Amanda Rivera

Ever thought of yourself as a television star? Well, the time has come to put that dream into reality, or more specifically, into documentary. MTV True Life is looking for online gamers, specifically WoW players to showcase on an upcoming episode of the show. They are looking for people who have an interesting story to tell about how gaming fits into their lives.

World of Warcraft really is a world-wide phenomenon, and its players are just as wide-spread, each of them unique. Are you perhaps a mother-of-five who raids Gruul's Lair on the weekends, or a construction worker that spends his nights as a gnome rogue? If you're at all interested in being on the show, submit a photo of yourself as well as a screenshot of your character when you email the lovely Shannon and tell her your story. They ask that you be (or appear to be) between the ages of 16 and 28, and that you include your name (not your character's name, although that might be nice to include), location and phone number in your email.

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