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America's Army coming to arcades

Justin McElroy

If there's one thing you learn by watching an hour of G4, it's that Adam Sessler never ages. If there's a second thing you learn, it's that, judging by the commercials, the U.S. Army loves gamers. Maybe it's their quick hand-eye coordination, their familiarity with technology or the fact that they apparently have nothing better to do, who knows? Not only is Uncle Sam getting the word out through G4, there's also America's Army, the game designed with the hopes of drawing in new recruits. Now Global VR has announced that the title will soon be spreading to arcades.

We've got to say, it's a little unfortunate that the Army didn't think of this in the '80s when arcades were populated by beefy teens of all stripes. As it stands, we're a little concerned about having our freedom protected by a bunch of so-pale-they're-see-through DDR kids. On the plus side, the arcade version won't require any human shooting, just targets, so even the lil' tykes can get totally pumped about joining up.

[Thanks, Matt]

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