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Breakfast Topic: Beyond good and evil.


It seems to be common assumption that as far as good and evil goes within the World of Warcraft, the Alliance are the good guys and the Horde are the bad guys. And when I first started playing the game, I bought that concept and rolled Alliance, wanting to be a "good guy." But after spending many subsequent levels playing on the Horde side of things, I have to wonder -- are the Alliance really good? Are the Horde really evil? Sure, I can buy that some Horde races are pretty much evil (both Blood Elves and Undead come to mind immediately) and that some Alliance races are sickeningly good (Draenei, anyone?), but after spending some time on both sides, I'm just not convinced that either side is all good or all bad. But this morning, I'm asking you -- are the Alliance the good guys and the Horde the bad guys in this game?

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