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Bungie Podcast episode 3 is up


It took us three days to actually listen to it, but we thought it best to let our readers know that the third installment of the Bungie podcast is now available. In this episode, you can get your fill of Frank O'Connor, Brian Jarrard, Luke Smith, and their special guest Joseph Staten. Bungie fans will know that Staten is penning the next Halo novel, Contact Harvest. He's also the man behind the grunt voice that we all hold so dear. Together, the Bungie boys take time to discuss their time at E3, answer some mail, talk up Contact Harvest, and of course, dish about Halo 3 multiplayer shenanigans. Head over to Bungie and download it. Oh, we also asked Luke Smith if Bungie is planning on setting up an RSS feed for those of us who prefer automatic podcast delivery (and, really, who doesn't?). His reply: "SOON."

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