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Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider!

Mike Schramm

I think this is the most awesome thing we've ever given away. WoW Insider and Upper Deck have hooked up to provide you with the friggin' coolest ground mount in game: The Spectral Tiger Mount. It's one of the three loot cards from the WoW TCG expansion just announced for the new Fires of Outland booster packs (coming to a store near you on August 22nd). Usually it's only available from the special foil card in these packs, but this time, you can win a code for it just by leaving a comment on this post. Yup, put a comment on this post in the next 48 hours (the loot is so good we had to go twice the normal contest length), so before Friday, July 27, at 7pm EST-- and please use an email that you check often, so we can get back to you when you win!-- and one person from the comments will be randomly selected to win a code that gives them this mount on the in game character of their choice!

Just a note: in game, you will need to pay the regular mount gold and have the skill for it, just like any other mount (you can buy it either regular or epic, 10g or 100g). But that's a small price to pay to be riding around on a rare mount from a loot card that isn't even available in stores yet. And if you don't win the mount in this contest, don't worry, because you will have a chance to get it by checking out the Fires of Outland sneak preview tournament, run by Upper Deck all around the country, and happening August 11-12.

So put down a comment and hope for the mount. Oh, and one more thing-- while most of our contests are US only, this one works on both US and EU realms, so for this one, you're in, you crazy EU players! We love you too! Good luck!

Update: Time's up. Check your email!

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