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GameFly expanding to Austin, Texas


A very observant reader noticed while searching job listing website that GameFly, the online game rental service, is looking for a manager in the Austin, Texas area. The job description clearly states: "We are the leading subscription based video game rental company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. We will be opening a satellite Distribution Center in Austin and we have an outstanding opportunity for an OPERATIONS MANAGER." The listing looks completely legit and we're happy to see GameFly continuing to open distribution centers -- anything to cut down turnaround time is a good thing. We've contacted GameFly for confirmation.

This would mean the rental service will have two distribution centers beyond their original California location. They just recently opened and expanded service at their East Coast branch located in Pittsburgh. For many on the East Coast, they've seen their turnaround time go from two weeks to around one week. Sadly, GameFly's growth has caused Xbox 360 and Wii game availability to appear in short supply and there was a recent $1 increase (although Netflix recently did a $1 decrease, so for subscribers of both it balanced out). We're guessing the tech-friendly city of Austin's distribution center will service the middle of the country. Don't expect the distribution center to open for a couple months though, they're obviously still staffing the place.

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