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HTC Kaiser gets clean bill of health from FCC


Everybody's favorite king of all mobiles, the HTC Kaiser, has been swept out the door after its trials with the FCC. Interestingly, we peeped three flavors of the handset: KAIS100, KAIS110, and the KAIS120 -- we saw similar variants for the Hermes. Could one of these models end up as an AT&T forward facing camera-less handset a la 8525? Perhaps the rumored AT&T 8925 -- yeah, we're stretching here. Another sticky point found is that the confidentiality agreement covering user manual and pictures doesn't expire until the 8th of September, hardly a reasonable date for an July August launch there, HTC. Regardless of the what or the when, we know it's now on the home straight and all we can do is twiddle our thumbs until HTC makes its move and gives us a solid date.

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