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iPhoneRIngToneMaker makes adding custom tones a breeze


We love ease of use and Apple is usually on top of that game, but on this outing they seem to have forgotten a few things. The creators of iPhoneRingToneMaker are trying to take some of the pain out of transferring tones to your beloved by presenting you with a GUI and working the magic backstage. The site's FAQ states that there is no danger to your handset and that they are not employing hacks, but are simply transferring the music to your handset -- we aren't sure how, isn't the iPhone locked up tight? The tool will let you transfer your favorite ringers or enable you to create your own from songs you already own in MP3, WAV, or OGG formats. The software -- Windows only -- will run you $10 but they also have a try before you buy package if you just want to test the waters. As with any tools like this, fiddle at your own risk.

[Thanks, Chris W]

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