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Leipzig expects 200k people at Games Convention


The Leipzig Games Convention is expected to have over 200,000 attendees this year. Just to give a little perspective, the madness of E3 2006 in Los Angeles only came in around 60,000 people. The convention takes place at the 115,000 sq. meter Leipzig Exhibition Centre and may be its last time there; given the convention's 40% growth this year, organizers are allegedly looking for a larger location. Leipzig and the Tokyo Games Show both have higher attendance than E3 because they're open to the public.

Leipzig will have 410 exhibitors this year from 26 countries. The sprawling complex will apparently be completely packed with exhibitors, there will even be a "family entertainment area" for parents and children to test educational software. The Games Convention is not the only thing going on at the time, there will also be the Games Convention open-air summer festival, which will have "live concerts, a range of sports, an outdoor pool and camping facilities." Wow, there's going to be a lot of people there. With an expanded crowd, they better not be charging €15 for a bratwurst or we fear it will devolve into the Leipzig's equivalent of Woodstock '99. Actually, with gamers at the helm ... that might actually be worth making popcorn for.

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